The school performs two class-wide assessments in the early years to identify both readiness and potential learning difficulties:

Rising First Grade Readiness Assessment

Each January all kindergarten students who will be six years old prior to June 1 of that year are assessed by their kindergarten teacher and the Rising First Grade Committee. Every child’s rate of growth and development is unique; therefore, careful consideration of readiness is necessary. The kindergarten teachers then present the rising first graders to the full faculty.

When there are questions or concerns regarding a student’s readiness, the kindergarten teacher discusses these with the child’s parents as early in the school year as possible. This process is most effective when parents and teachers work together and communicate openly and honestly. If it is the Rising First Grade Readiness Committee’s determination that a student is not ready for first grade due to the child’s individual rate of maturation, an additional year of kindergarten may be recommended. The Rising First Grade Readiness Committee may also make a determination that our grade school program will not meet the child’s needs, in which case the committee will recommend that no contract be offered for the following year.

Assessment of Literacy, Math, and Movement by a Remedial Specialist

Each spring all second grade students and students from other grades (typically first, third, and fourth) selected by the Care Group are assessed in a variety of areas by a remedial specialist contracted by the school. Each student meets individually with the specialist and is assessed for literacy, numeracy, fine and gross motor skill development, visual and auditory processing, and speech and language. The specialist prepares a written report on each child, which she reviews with the second grade teacher and which is given to the parents.