The parent-body of our school is an integral branch of school life and governance.  Parents can become as involved as they choose, ranging from volunteering to serve on the Board of Trustees, to just helping out as needed in their children’s class.  All parents, by nature of their child’s enrollment in the school, are members of the CWS Parent Association (P.A.).  The P.A. works to enhance our community spirit, inspire our continued learning as parents, support the teachers, administration, and staff in their efforts, and provides financial assistance for special projects.  Most parent involvement, excepting the Board of Trustees, individual class fundraising, or smaller social events, is organized through the P.A.  The structure of the P.A. is explained below.
I. Parent Association Executive Committee (P.A.E.C.)
The PAEC can decide to meet monthly or communicate by email on a regular basis.  Topics for discussion will vary but should involve a report or check-in from Committee Chairs and a summary by the PA President about administrative and board issues.  Notes from the interchange should be forwarded to the School Coordinator.

The P.A.E.C. is made up of the:
P.A. President – liaises with Class Parents to discuss ideas, concerns, and upcoming events, serves on the Administrative Support Team to bring a parent voice to school leadership, organizes the annual list of class duties, sets the agenda for monthly PAEC meetings or email discussions, supports hospitality efforts and teacher support (holiday cards, etc.), oversees fundraising events, and parent education.

P.A. Vice President or Co-President – helps to support the PA President, duties can be divided as president and VP see fit.

P.A. Committee Chairs – serves as the contact person between the committee and PA President (see below).
II. P.A. Committees
The offering of committees varies from year to year depending on particular interest and involvement.  This year the two committees up-and-running are described below.  Other committees that were suggested but needed more planning to actualize are: Enrollment Committee, Hospitality Committee, Land Stewards, and Parent Voices (magazine written by and for CWS parents).

Fundraising Committittee
This group of parents works with the Business Officer and the Development Chair of the Board to evaluate past fundraisers and oversee current projects.  By year’s end the members will create a comprehensive vision for fundraising at the school to submit to the Administration, the Board, and the College of Teachers for consideration.  Individual classes need to direct fundraising queries to this committee, which will also work closely with the School Coordinator, before planning events.

Parent Education Committee --
This committee responds to our needs/interests regarding adult education and community building.  In conjunction with the College Chair, members have created a lecture series which offers monthly speakers to talk to our parent-body about subjects of interest including, children’s need for nature, literacy in the Waldorf curriculum, and how science and math are taught in middle school.

III. Class Parents
The job of class parent can be done by one person, but is often best shared between two, dividing tasks as desired.  Each Class Parent works to assists the teacher, liaises with the P.A to relay classroom news and needs, and disseminate school wide information to parents.  Also, this volunteer oversees class involvement in fundraising for all-school events and organizes any food donations needed for the class, teachers, or school functions.   For a list of individual class responsibilities, please see the "Parent Calendar of Events and Class Duties" in the forms to download section.