The seasonal festivals celebrated throughout the year are an important part of life at a Waldorf school. Every child is expected to attend school on festival days. The dates of festivals are listed in the school year calendar and their details announced in the newsletter. In addition to the major festivals detailed below, the school celebrates other holidays and events; in the past these have included Halloween, the Lantern Walk (for early childhood classes in early November), Thanksgiving, Winterfest, and May Day. Teachers may also choose to celebrate other seasonal or cultural festival days. Nursery and Kindergarten families should check with their teachers to see which of these school-wide events their classes will attend and how they will be celebrated.

Major Festivals of the Year:

The Festival of Courage takes place in late September, as the entire school community assembles as a medieval village and watches the tale of St. George and the Dragon enacted by one of the grade school classes. Children in older grades then set up “tasks of courage” for their younger grade school peers, culminating in a raid on the “dragon’s lair.”

The Spiral of Lights
Celebrated close to the winter solstice, this Festival of Love and Light marks the presence of growing light in the darkest time of the year. Participants walk through a spiral to light a candle and add their gift of light to all.

The Spring Celebration

This Festival is celebrated close to the spring equinox, which often falls near Easter and Passover. It marks the birth of new life and rebirth of the earth each spring. Various activities have become traditional at CWS and often include
faculty performances for the children, a school-wide shared meal, a middle-school egg drop, and early childhood and early grades hunt for treasures.

Mid-Summer Festival

This Festival of Balance is celebrated close to the summer solstice. It may include a pot-luck supper, an abbreviated performance of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and a bonfire.