Community Night – Parenting in the Digital Age

According to a 2015 poll conducted by common sense media, American teens spend on average more than nine hours per day on digital devices, and 50% of them report feeling addicted to their smartphones. While digital devices are often advertised for their communication, entertainment, and educational capabilities, research increasingly indicates that excessive media use does far more harm than good.

This workshop will explore the challenges that video games, tablets, smartphones and the internet present for parents and children. Topics covered will include how to assess the health of your child’s media use, how to set responsible, effective limits on technology use, and alternatives to technology use that can restore health and calm to your family’s life. Parents will learn about peer-reviewed research on the developmental effects of technology and local resources for developing healthier habits.

The presenter:
Matt Bukowski, MA LPC is a licensed professional counselor and PhD student who has been working with children and families for twenty years. Matt has helped numerous children break technology addictions and rediscover their creativity, joy, and social skills. Matt has also studied outdoor survival skills, tracking, and nature-based mindfulness practices extensively, and he currently incorporates these practices into his counseling practice.


Apr 10 2019


6:30 pm - 8:00 pm




Music & Arts Room
Music and Arts Room, Charlottesville Waldorf School, Charlottesville VA


Enrollment Director
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