Barbara Jolly
Barbara was born in Munich Germany and lived all over the United States with her army family. She attended Virginia Commonwealth University as an Art student after high school. This experience has lead to a lifetime of artistic expression, which ultimately lead her to Waldorf Education. Barbara came to Charlottesville as a parent in 1989, looking for the right educational experience for her children and family.She learned to knit from another Waldorf parent and this kindled a passion for craft work.  In 1992, she applied for the handwork teacher position at the Crozet location, and has continued teaching handwork to CWS students ever since. In addition to handwork, Barbara has served CWS in many other capacities, including leading a parent handwork group, teaching middle school art, beeswax, nature study and third grade gardening. In 2011, handwork was voted the most popular class, which came as no surprise to Barbara. As she has often remarked, "Handwork Rules!"