Jen Edelson
Jen continues to enjoy her experience at CWS, first as a parent to Benny, Leo, & Will, and now, also, working in the main office as a part of the administrative team.  She grew up not too far from C-ville, in D.C., moving, eventually, as a young adult, to New York where she received a B.A. from Sarah Lawrence College.  Not quite having her fill of school yet, and besotted with the works of Charles Dickens and Charlotte Bronte, Jen migrated to the U.K where she received a master’s degree in Victorian Literature from Oxford University.  Teaching high school English upon her return afforded Jen with the ideal career -- one which provided application of her studies, genuine mentorship opportunities, continued learning, and participation in the vibrant culture of a school community.   After the birth of her first son (Will!) Jen took a 10 year “break” from working outside the home, and enjoyed the majesty and mayhem of motherhood and homelife.  These days her time is filled with work and play -- when not busy in the flurry of office activity, Jen can be found knitting, curling up with a book and a cat/or son, or socializing with family and good friends.