As seasoned CWS parents know, there is no shortage of opportunities for volunteer involvement during the school year. Parents are needed to serve as drivers on field trips, to act as class parents, to help with events, and to greet visitors, among many other tasks.

To support the school in its mission, each parent is required to commit to at least 15 hours of volunteer work toward all-school events (festivals, admissions events, or the three major fundraisers) – 30 hours total for two-parent families through the course of the year.

Of prime importance is that all parents give their best to the school’s three major fundraisers

  • Holiday Bazaar
  • Annual Giving
  • Spring Fundraiser

These efforts — besides offering opportunity for community — are essential to the short-term as well as the long-range health of the school. Because tuition alone does not cover the cost of operating the school, CWS conducts an Annual Giving campaign beginning in the fall of each year. Every parent is asked to contribute at a meaningful level.