THE CHARLOTTESVILLE WALDORF PARENT ASSOCIATION enhances communication, cooperation, and community building within the school; to provide opportunities for parent education; to coordinate volunteers; and to show appreciation for faculty and staff. The PA sponsors numerous events and activities at the school. Upon enrollment in the school, every parent becomes a member of the CWS Parent Association (PA). The PA Co-Chairs are the parent liaisons to the Leadership Council. In this role, the PA Chairs meet regularly with the administrative, faculty, College and Board chairs to communicate about the various aspects of school life and thereby serve as a liaison between the school and the parents at large.

The Charlottesville Waldorf School was founded as a parent initiative and has benefitted ever since from the energy and dedication of parents. Parents participate in the life of the school through the gift of their time to numerous volunteer efforts—driving for field trips, helping prepare for festivals, serving on committees, painting sets for plays, taking photos, serving as class parents, organizing, and fundraising. Parents also lend their time and insight into leadership roles on the Board of Trustees and the Parent Association.



As seasoned CWS parents know, there is no shortage of opportunities for volunteer involvement during the school year. Parents are needed to serve as drivers on field trips, to act as class parents, to help with events, provide refreshments, and greet visitors, among many other tasks. To support the school in its mission, each parent is encouraged to commit to at least 15 hours of volunteer work toward all-school events (festivals, admissions events, or the three major fundraisers) – 30 hours total for two-parent families through the course of the year. Of prime importance is that all parents give their best to the school’s three major fundraisers: the Holiday Bazaar, Annual Giving, and the Spring Fundraiser, as tuition alone does not sustain the financial well-being of the school. These efforts, taken together, offer opportunity for community and are essential to both the short-term and long-range health of the school.