[perfectpullquote align=”right” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]Schools today are called, not just to be places of academic learning, but places of social learning as well.  The joys and sorrows of the playground, the social experiences we have as children can color our relationships for a life-time.
— Kim John Payne[/perfectpullquote]

At CWS, we strive for a balance between the sanctity of the individual and the norms necessary within any community. Teachers and staff treat each child with respect and kindness. The students in turn are expected to treat teachers, staff members, and their fellow classmates with respect and kindness.

Among those behaviors that defeat mutual respect and are thus inappropriate at school:

  • rudeness
  • foul language
  • bullying and teasing
  • hitting, biting, kicking, pushing, and the like
  • running or rough play inside buildings
  • shouting out, interrupting, or yelling inside buildings

Discipline, when necessary, follows from our understanding of child development based on Waldorf Education and engaged through Social Inclusion (Kim Payne). When meeting a discipline issue, teachers begin with a holistic approach using a variety of pedagogical methods, such as seating arrangements, positive recognition of appropriate behavior, telling illustrative stories and biographies, conflict resolution, and child study.

While we expect gentle means to redirect the children, CWS has no tolerance for disruptive and disrespectful behavior. If any child continues to exhibit inappropriate behavior, more direct steps may be taken. A holding team for individual children or for a whole class may be formed to support the situation and strive for a positive and harmonious solution. For the youngest children, redirection or timeouts may be used. As children mature, service work or after-school detention may serve as a consequence.

Children who repeatedly disrupt the class or exhibit acts of aggression or bullying can be sent to the Main Office and single or multi-day suspension may result.

At all stages of discipline, your child’s teacher will keep parents, department chairs, college chair, head of administration, and mentors fully informed. We work as a team at CWS to support each child and family in our community.