CWS offers an athletic games program as a part of the curriculum in grades 1-8 in the form of a Movement specialty class.  In addition to free play which occurs during two recess periods per day, children engage in a variety of creative games and exercises during Movement which are designed to supplement classroom learning and provide an opportunity for activity outdoors.  Originating from the same understanding of child development that informs the academic curriculum in a Waldorf school, games are chosen with a purpose.  For instance, the Movement teacher may introduce a game designed to emphasize social inclusion, or create a lesson which fosters mastery over a sequential set of tasks. He may pick a sport to strengthen endurance, or choose an activity with a goal of learning to play by the rules.  Movement is a class much enjoyed by the student body and eagerly looked forward to in the schedule.

In fifth grade when the students study Greek history, there is a focus on beauty, form, and athleticism in Movement.  The year culminates in a Greek Olympiad where fifth grade classes from several regional Waldorf schools gather to compete in a two-day pentathlon.  The Games, designed to imitate the ancient Greek contests, allow students to engage in the five Olympic events: long jump, javelin, discus, foot racing, and wrestling.  Teams are comprised of students from each of the schools, providing not only athletic competition, but also the opportunity for fellowship and society amongst new friends.

CWS offers Middle School students the opportunity to participate in after-school sports.  This year Mr. Wilkinson will coach the boys in the fall soccer season, and he will coach girls' soccer in the spring.  Boys' and girls' basketball occurs in the winter.  The students enjoy working together on a team and gaining proficiency in an athletic sport, and are enthusiastically cheered on by the community.

Contact Andrew Wilkinson for futher information on game times or practice schedules at: awilkinson@cwaldorf.org