2019/2020 School Year

Half days, 8am – noon*$4,405
Full days, 8am – 2:45pm** $6,390
Extended days, 8am – 5:30pm$8,675
Half days, 8am – noon*$6,365
Full days, 8am – 2:45pm**$9,230
Extended days, 8am – 5:30pm$12,530
Half days, 8am – noon*$9,795
Full days, 8am – 2:45pm**$14,200
Extended days, 8am – 5:30pm$18,900
* The daily drop-in rate for Toddler lunch and nap is $30/day.
** The daily drop-in rate for Toddler aftercare is $35/day.

Please note: Financial Aid is not available for the 2-day or 3-day Toddler Class or for Aftercare
Half days - Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday (8am – noon)***$5,885
Full days - Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday (8am – 2:45pm)$7,585
Half days - Monday through Friday (8am – noon)***$8,825
Full days - Monday through Friday (8am – 2:45pm)$11,910
*** The daily drop-in rate for Early Childhood lunch and nap is $18/day.

Please NOTE: Financial Aid is not available for the 3-Day Nursery Class or for Aftercare. We do offer Financial Aid for students applying for the 5-Day Nursery and Kindergarten
GRADES 1 – 4
Monday through Friday (8am – 3:10pm)$13,945
Monday through Friday (8am – 3:10pm)$14,350
2019/2020 FEES 
Tuition Deposit$500Non -refundable tuition deposit per child
Facilities Fee$600One-time fee per newly enrolling child
Supply Fee$100/EC Student
$150/GS Student
Annual fee per student
Tuition Refund Plan3.3% of total tuitionMandatory with 10-payment plan or TA application; optional with one or two-payment plan
Financial Aid Application Fee$39/familyPaid directly to TADS
Payment Plan FeevariesAnnual fee per family if paying in more than one installment:
Two installments – $100 fee per family
Three or more installments – $250 fee per family
Parent Association Fee$35/familyAnnual fee per family
Late Enrollment Fee$250/familyFee per family if Annual Tuition Agreement is received after 1/31/18
Annual ContractContract/Calculation Sheet
August/SeptemberContract/Calculation Sheet
OctoberContract/Calculation Sheet
NovemberContract/Calculation Sheet
DecemberContract/Calculation Sheet
JanuaryContract/Calculation Sheet
FebruaryContract/Calculation Sheet
MarchContract/Calculation Sheet
AprilContract/Calculation Sheet
May/JuneContract/Calculation Sheet
Drop-In Rate$15/day
Late Pick-up (after 5:30)$25/day
A. One Full PaymentPay one (1) payment of 100% of tuition and fees due by July 15, 2017 through TADS.
B. Two PaymentsPay two (2) equal payments totaling 100% of tuition on or before July 15, 2017 and November 15, 2017 through TADS. Pay 100% of fees due by July 15, 2017 through TADS. Note, a $100 payment plan fee will be added to each family account for this option.
C. Ten PaymentsPay ten (10) monthly tuition payments, starting on July 15, 2017 ending April 15, 2018 through TADS. Pay 100% of fees due by July 15, 2017 through TADS. Note, a $250 payment plan fee will be added to each family account for this option.
D. Twelve Payments (For returning families currently on the twelve monthly payment plan only)Pay twelve (12) monthly tuition payments, starting on July 15, 2017 ending June 15, 2018 through TADS. Pay 100% of fees due by July 15, 2017 through TADS. Note, a $250 payment plan fee will be added to each family account for this option.
CWS uses TADS, an independent third party, to process all tuition payments and fees. Payments can be made via TADS from your checking or savings account, by check payable directly to TADS, or using American Express, MasterCard, Visa or Discover credit cards. Please note that there is a convenience fee (3.0%) associated with using a credit card to process your payment. All tuition, fees and other charges will be included in the TADS payment plans.

Tuition Assistance Applications must be completed in full by February 17, 2017 — see Tuition Assistance for further details.

Please NOTE: We offer Finanaical Aid for students applying for 5-day Mixed-age Kindergarten through Eighth Grade. Financial Aid is not availability for Parent/Child, Toddler, 3-day Nursery, Aftercare or Summer Programs.

The enrollment process requires each family to fill out the ‘Annual Tuition Contract’ which signifies a family’s commitment to the Charlottesville Waldorf School for the coming school year. There is no reduction, refund, credit or other allowance made for snow days, absence, illness, missed classes due to tutoring or other programs.

Cancellation of enrollment, without further financial commitment must be made in writing before June 1.

The CWS Annual Tuition Contract obligates you to pay the full contracted amount of tution, the Tuition Protection Plan is being made available to protect your yearly financial obligation under the terms of the CWS Annual Tuition Contract. The Tuition Protection Plan goes into effect after the student has attended class a minimum of 14 consecutive school calendar days. Claims need to be submitted in writing to the business office.

This program protects tuition (prepaid and due) in the event of separation for the following reasons:

  • Voluntary withdrawal due to moves, financial hardships, change of objectives, etc. The Plan will pay 60% of the remaining tuition obligation to CWS and 40% remains the family’s responsibility.

  • Withdrawal due to student illness or injury. The Plan will pay 100% of the unused net tuition, provided a medical absence lasting 45 or more consecutive school days as required for regular medical care by a legally qualified medical practitioner, not related to the student, who certifies this in writing.

  • Dismissal from the school. The Plan will pay 75% of the unused net tuition and families are responsible for the remaining 25%.

The CWS Tuition Protection Plan is administered by Dewar’s, a third party company who is contracted to provide tuition insurance.
This discount applies to families who pay full tuition with multiple children enrolled in any grade school or early childhood program. The discount does not apply to early care, after care or other school programs or fees. Parents are able to decide whether or not they will take advantage of the discount and may continue to pay full tuition for all children if they wish. Many families choose to donate back the amount of the discount to our Annual Giving Campaign.
Eldest childFull Tuition
Second oldest child5% discount
Third oldest child10% discount
Fourth oldest and each subsequent child15% discount
SIBLING DISCOUNT FOR AFTER CARE PROGRAM: The cost of the first child is full price, cost for each additional sibling on the same day is 50% off the applicable full price rate.
Please understand that in addition to tuition and fees above, you will also be responsible for the following costs:
Field trips (Grades 1, 2) $25-$60/year
Field trips (Grades 3, 8) $800+/year
Field trips (Grades 4, 5, 6, 7)$200+/year
String Instrument (Grades 3-8)Purchase or rental of a string instrument
Sectionals/Private Music Instruction (Grades 4-8)All students are required to supplement their study in a weekly private, semi-private, or sectional lesson.

ANNUAL GIVING: Tuition alone cannot support a private school education. We depend on the generosity of our entire community to help make up the difference through the Annual Giving Campaign and other revenue-raising activities. All donations are fully tax-deductible.

MAJOR FUND RAISING EVENTS: Aside from the Annual Giving Campaign, CWS depends upon the support of our entire community during the several major fund-raising activities we engage in each year. Therefore, each parent is expected to devote a minimum of 15 hours each year to fund-raising for the school. A portion of these hours should be dedicated to the Holiday Bazaar and to the spring fundraiser. These activities directly support the operating budget.