Cyndy Caughron
Cyndy Caughron and her husband, Dr. Sam Caughron, have been with CWS since 1998 when their daughter entered the Early Childhood program. Their daughter Anna graduated the 8th grade at CWS in 2010 and Cyndy is now serving as Business Manager at the school. What Cyndy enjoys most about her work here is hearing the children play outside her office door and her daily interactions with families, faculty, and other members of the Admin team. Some folks are surprised at all the silent letters in her last name. Caughron is pronounced like a core in an apple “Core-In”. 



Michelle Schlesinger, Administrative Chair
Michelle has been an active member of the CWS community for over nine years. Her son, Aidan, is in the sixth grade and her daughter, Maya, is in the second grade. Michelle is a certified public accountant and has lent her financial and management expertise to our school since 2009, first as a board member, then as chairwoman of the Board of Trustees for three years, and currently as the Administrative Chair. In 2014 she graduated from the Foundation Studies Program, a two-year introduction to anthroposophy and the arts that was held on campus.


Michael Wright
Michael arrived to CWS from the Tuscon Waldorf School, where he worked from 2008-2010 and 2011-2015 as a class teacher and from 2010-2011 as the faculty chair. Prior to that, Michael worked as either a class teacher or faculty chair at the Toronto Waldorf School and the Pleasant Ridge Waldorf School and as a guest Main Lesson Teacher at the City of Lakes Waldorf School. Michael completed his remedial training through the Association for Healing Education. In his free time, Michael enjoys music, drawing and painting, as well as spending time outdoors. We are very lucky that Michael and his wife Kate Walter, our second grade teacher, have joined our community.